Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No longer silent.. No longer afraid to ask for help..

    I recently decided to stop being embarrassed by my infertility, to speak up and stop allowing people to say hurtful things while I sat silently, and finally to realize that in order for us to be able to make our dream of having a baby come true I am willing to ask for help.. I searched the web, and found a site set up to assist people to get the word out about their causes and to ask for help/donations.. So I decided to try and summarize my story and set up a page.. Pregnancy and parenthood apparently doesn't come as easily to all of us.. So maybe there are kind hearts out there that would like to help possibly make pregnancy/parenthood a reality for my wife and I..

    It brought back a small glimmer of hope, that for the past few months has been nonexistant.. Here's to hope..

    *** If you would like to donate, please click the following link: ***

    Thanks so much for reading.. Knowing that our very emotional journey is finally out in the open actually brings much comfort..

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