Monday, June 2, 2014

I would die for that....

This is a project that we hold dear to hearts, and were more than happy to be a part of.. In this video, that isn't a couple that looks like us.. THAT IS US.. We were blessed to meet, walk, chat, and bond with with some amazingly wonderful people.. All dealing with the struggles Inez and myself have to endure day in and day out.. Really hope you take a few moments to click the link provided and watch.. It seems at times that others may not care about your struggles or want to hear your story while you are in the midst of the storm.. No matter how many years things have been stagnant.. They only want to hear of them once you have made it through to some sort of happier ending.. One more palatable for their lives.. Well truth be told, there aren't always happy endings.. And during the struggle is when they were needed most.. Worst than any one part of this journey, is the isolation and loneliness that is felt.. This project reminds me that we are not alone, no matter how much this world likes to make us think that we are outcasts because we have to :try: for our blessing..

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