Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I do know love....

I’m finding myself hurt by the tags/comments/pix that we’ve all seen.. You know, the ones that say something completely terrible like “You’ll never know love until you’ve loved your own child”.. To that I say “Screw, no, FUCK YOU”..
I know a love no one would ever understand, unless placed in our shoes..
The kind of love that leaves us susceptible to an unbearably painful hurt on a month in month out basis..
The kind of love where I have to feel a grief for child that was prayed for so hard that never came to be..
The kind of love that I sink my ALL into, every ounce of  free time, every possible cell of energy available in my body, and every dime we make just for the hope that one day..ONE DAY..we will be blessed with something that came so easily to so many others..
The kind of love for a wife who has held my hand through every medical procedure, every blood draw, every mood swing caused by fertility meds, every failed cycle, and every devastating ultrasound result..
I’m blessed to say I DO know love.. One that I know is stronger more in depth and unbreakable than what most will ever experience.. So for now I will continue to take solace in the blessings I have received, and file your comments away as sheer ignorance.. I pray for your sake, you never see any hurt that nears what we’ve endured.. And I can promise, I will never take for granted this dark before our dawn.. It has shaped enlightened and humbled us.. We don’t see any light yet, I'm faithful and know that I have experienced the purest love, there for the light will come..

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  1. Hey! I nominated your blog for a Liebster award! Check out my most recent post for what that means, then answer the questions and share the love!

    It's been a while since you posted. I hope your baby journey hasn't stalled too much.