Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Next Chapter.. Though it was only the beginning..

   The night I pulled up to meet up with you for our 1st date, I never could have imagined that would have been my last 1st date.. But looking back, would never have wanted it any other way.. We didn't have this amazingly wonderful love story.. We had love, right out the gate.. A connection with each other which seemed other worldly to me then, and still does.. I tell her often she put the woman of my dreams to shame.. I really have always felt that I created her for me.. That my years of tears is what lead me to her..

  Never had I thought it would be possible to be able to open up to someone whole heartedly, without fear.. To feel loyalty and all the other things I'd longed so hard for.. The hell I'd been through all felt worth it, if going through all of that blessed me with her..

   I'm such a strong believer that there is broken road we travel to get to where we're meant to be.. I am thankful she texted me on the right night, Friday 04/28/2006.. I feel the stars alined that night so that we could enter each others worlds.. 

   Then on 06/06/2006 laying underneath her, what did she say to me.. As I looked into her eyes and tell her for the first time "I love you".. She tells me "I love you too, you're so F*@king perfect"..

   Words I'd never heard.. Sure I'd heard empty meaningless I love you's.. But you addressed me as perfect.. I promised you then that I would never forget.. And here it is close to 6years later and I haven't.. I can't.. I met my perfection, there's nowhere to go from there but UP....

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